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Diablo 3 Screenshots

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Blizzard has opened the floodgates! A few dozen screenshots have been released thus far and here’s the ones that I found most interesting. Be sure to check the official Diablo 3 announcement too.



The Barbarian hacking through skeletons. Note the duel-wield.

Diablo 3 screenshot


The Witch Doctor and his mass-effect spells. I guess he’s the new Sorceress!

Diablo 3 screenshot


This is a close-up of the armor. Note the level of details. It looks proper 3D.

Diablo 3 screenshot


It’s the Witch Doctor again. Note the depth of the level. It looks pre-rendered but it’s certainly beautiful.

Diablo 3 screenshot


Enter the Boss! It looks five times bigger than the character!

Diablo 3 screenshot

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